Just The Two of Us: Fall Grains of Gratitude
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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I got this from Michelle, of Big Blueberry Eyes; Christine, of Bradys Bunch has started a Fall,"Grains of Gratitude" where she lists 5 things she is grateful for. The meaning behind the title is because when her husband was growing up, at every Thanksgiving his mom would hand her kids grains of wheat and they would tell what they were grateful for - how neat!

So my here are my 5 things (my goal is to name 5 things I'm grateful for from the past week) it's been quite a week!

1. Grateful that Kevin wasn't hurt worse than he was, when the other guy came out of the post office, going the wrong way, in the car accident he was involved in last Thursday. That the other guy's insurance is covering everything and that Kevin is doing good and is back to work after having his arm, chest and stomach burned by the air bags.

2. Rejoicing that all three of our kids are doing well, are gainfully employed and continue to make us so very proud with the decisions they are making in their lives.

3. Am glad that my hubby and I had our first weekend off together in about a year and that our two boys weren't too rough on my hubby after his NFL fantasy football team came in last! lol

4. In retrospect, I am so touched that there was such an outpouring of love, humanity, and gratitude for the families and loved ones that were effected by 9/11 and that my sweet hubby and I were still able to celebrate his birthday, which was yesturday, too!

5. Now that it is over, I guess...I am grateful that the dreaded Dentist was able to get me in and do emergency oral surgery on that back molar tooth of mine that was so infected, impacted, and pussy that I am no longer running a fever, or clenching my jaw in pain, and actually have been known to smile once in a while. Can you tell I am not fond of Dentist. lol

If the Fall breeze catches your fancy, share what your "Grains of Gratitude" are then make sure and give a shout out to Christine, and let me know, and I will catch that tail wind and come see you! So, it's just the two of us waiting for that refreshing Fall air that you all are raving about, to hit us here in Florida, where we are still having 90 degree weather! *smile*


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday and for the kind words. I wish we could pull together again like we did right after the tragedy.

My sister's birthday was yesterday too. It was hard for her for the first several years.

So glad your son is okay! And that your tooth is taken care of. My dentist is a young woman I've known since she was 5. She's very gentle, but I still don't like going. In fact, they're hassling me right now because I"m overdue for my regular cleaning. I keep putting it off because my insurance is so lousy.

At 12:33 PM, Blogger mum2brady said...

What wonderful things to be thankful for :) Thanks for joining in!

How fun that you and your hubby could get away - I'm thinking those days will happen sometime in the future, and I both look forward to having the kids all grown and dreading it :) Yours sound like they are wonderful young adults :)

Thanks again for stopping by!

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Great list!
I try to do this each week in my Sunday blessings posts. It's so important to be mindful of simple things that bless each of us.
Glad your hubby had a great birthday and your dental work has you feeling better!

At 2:04 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

I love how you made your 5 things with spelling out the word GRAIN - very clever! Great list too!

At 4:34 PM, Blogger Motherkitty said...

Hi, Pamela. I love your G.R.A.I.Ns of thankfulness listing. What a great idea. I will give it some thought because I am so thankful for so many things.

Thanks, kiddoo, for the cute comment about my beautiful mischievous kitty sitting in my pretty bowl. I wanted to tap her on the head to make her move but I was really afraid she would freak and break my things. All's well that ends well.

Have a great day and I'm glad you and hubby were able to celebrate his birthday yesterday. Happy BD!

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous sandra said...

Those are wonderful things to be thankful for :)

Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby :)

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Beck said...

It's so hard to be grateful for things that we hate but that are necessary, isn't it? That's a really great list! I'm glad that your son is safe, too.

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Barb said...

Oh no. His team came in last. Never good. And the dentist? I'd rather give birth to quints without an epidural than go to the dentist but it's a necessary evil, especially when you're in pain.

I saw this Grains of Gratitude over at Brady's Bunch. I've made a note to join in on Sundays.

At 2:21 AM, Blogger PEA said...

I loved reading your list...you certainly do have many things to be grateful for! So many times we don't seem to realize how lucky we are and forget to be grateful for it...now you have me thinking of everything I have to be grateful for:-)

At 2:28 AM, Blogger Mystik said...

I loved reading your Grain list. That is such a great idea. I will have to do that once I have a minute to sit down and think for a few minutes. I enjoyed your post as well. Have a great day!


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