Just The Two of Us: Memories of Having Our First Baby
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Monday, October 09, 2006

Memories of Having Our First Baby myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Thought I would share a memory with you all this fine Monday, being as I am trying to keep it lighthearted with another Dental appointment this morning...sheesh!

Just the two of us got married young and couldn't wait to start a family. We both agreed we wanted to start right away. We were getting a bit worried, after all, we were giving it a diligent and gallant effort with our desire to start a family...lol, when finally after a little over a year we discovered we were, indeed, pregnant and going to have a baby...our first! Pictured, I am 9 months pregnant!

The 9 months seemed to drag on forever. We lived in a small town in Iowa. My hubby was the Assistant Manager of Woolworth's, which was located in a beautiful modern mall. It was only three blocks from our first apartment so we decided it would be more economical to sell one of our two cars, both Pintos. Yes, you would be correct if you thought you had heard they were the car that had the manufacturer's defect, and if hit in the rear of the vehicle they tended to catch on fire. haha! The Woolworth store was the same store we had met at, while my hubby was kind enough to pour me and my friends a cup of coffee, while we were having a bite to eat in their restaurant called Harvest House.

We were elated to be having a baby, and like most, soon to be Mom's, I ran out to get whatever books I could find about having a baby, along with books on baby names. The Dr. Spock book was the thickest, so I think that ended up being my choice. More bang for my buck, right. lol Okay, bang didn't mean that back then.

After reading about Lamaze, just the two of us opted for this method of natural delivery, no pain meds. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I was up doing laundry at 1:00 a.m., must have been that burst of energy thing women experience right before they go into labor, cause right then and there, I had my first contraction. Having no desire to go to the hospital before it was necessary, and with hubby sleeping in our bedroom, I must have spent at least two hours trying to decide if I really was having contractions. Looking back, what a fool I must have been, who else would jump around like a jumping bean in an attempt to nearly cling to the ceiling at every chance. Eventually, came to my senses and woke up my hubby after a couple of hours and he quick like, dressed and threw the overnight bag in the car and off to the hospital we went, the Doctor would meet us there.

Upon being prepped, and settling into the delivery room, I can remember several little things I did like grabbing my sweet hubby's hand and saying in a rather low grumble and a scowl on my face, "if I can't have coffee, then you can't either"! grrr! Oh, I remember after being told the umbilicord was wrapped around the baby's neck the words " no sweety, sorry you can't push yet", over, and over, and over. Oh my word!

Then in the heat of everything...and loosing any and all modesty I ever had, somewhere along the line, I apparently gave them permission to allow some interns into the delivery room.

Well, it wasn't long before I was ready...r e a d y (deliriously happy) they said it with a smile, it was like music to my ears! Quickly, I was wheeled, bed and all, into the delivery room where they requested me, yes me, myself and I to move from the bed I was in, to the delivery bed, all of me, including my 9 month ~ pregnant belly, which made me feel more like a beached whale at this point. I was astounded but upon looking up and actually focusing on the room, I was appalled that there were 20 to 30 men standing around encircling the whole room, several who had clipboards. "Oh my word, these were the interns", nothing like having an audience! Between breathing and the full blown contractions and just wanting to get on with this I did a 360 barrel roll and panicked everyone, in my attempt to move to the proper delivery bed. Well, who knew my own strength, and there was nothing proper about any of this! hehe!

After 8 hours of fast labor and a few tense moments with the umbilicord wrapped around his neck, our beautiful little baby was born, it was with excited anticipation waiting to hear if it was a girl or a boy. The Doctor quickly announced, "It's a boy!" and just the two of us shared a flushed moment of knowing love and appreciation I will never forget... a glorious breathtaking moment! A God given miracle, like I never would have imagined, witnessing the birth of a baby! There was an enormous sense of love, and wonder that washed over us, with that came the incredible sense of responsibility and we both breathed in and admired the beauty of our new little bundle of joy, holding him, touching him, and using our fingers tracing each and every one of his delicate little features, in an effort to memorize every inch of his precious being! God's greatest gift is a child, and sharing and receiving this gift, this cherished gift together is something we to this day treasure! It was beautiful!

Later the next day, the nurse brought in like the 10th or 13th little boy blue floral arrangement that was from my Mom and Dad, and in their excitement, they wrote my name on the card with my maiden name and not my married name...we all had a good laugh over that!

The day we brought our beautiful little baby Kevin home from the hospital, my hubby got "the call"...he was being promoted to his first store as Manager, 8 hours away. We were ecstatic and completely taken for a loop. We only had one car. I had no family that could come and stay with me, both Mom's lived out of town. So off he went for a whole month, leaving me with a brand new baby, and no car. Thankfully, I did have some girlfriends that did help me out, or I don't know what I would have done. Kevin was a good baby, excluding one time in that first month that he did have colic and wow! That was an experience that made every hair and nerve in my body stand up...Wendy, my friend saved me that night, and I admire anyone who has ever had a colicky baby. We got through it all and I was never so happy as when, a month later, we were all on our way to the Quad Cities area on the Illinois/Iowa border to live as a family. :)

Just the two of us had a pleasant weekend. Dennis had to work the night shift, because one of his employee's was on vacation. So it almost felt like he had two days off, which rarely ever happens. We turned the ringer off on the phone so he could sleep, and enjoyed total peaceful bliss with little or no interruptions. So if any of you want to share your first...let me know, I would love to be your audience, and I'll leave the clipboard at home! lol


At 2:19 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Hi Pamela,
I loved reading your first baby story!
I also love listening to "Remember When"
Our stories have many similarities, but no interns in my case! (Also my first baby is almost 38!) Maybe I'll tell the story some day...
Great post!!

At 5:25 AM, Anonymous Nancze said...

Hi Pamela, My name is Nancze and I am from Oklahoma. I am visiting other blog listed at Faith Lifts. Trying to get sleepy. *smiles* I enjoyed my visit and meeting you. God Bless..

At 5:48 AM, Blogger Chrystal said...

It was interesting, but I'm sure part THREE made a much better story... so skip part two and lets hear about that adorable little girl you had!! :)

At 12:49 PM, Blogger PEA said...

Loved reading about your first pregnancy...you made me remember a lot of what went on during MY first pregnancy:-) I laughed when you said there were about 20 or so interns there...at least I just had one intern there! lol I do remember losing all my dignity too! LOL Love all the pictures you posted! Corey cried the first 2 months of his life, 24 hours a day, due to chronic colic...I was ready to lose my mind! Thankfully, after 2 months it completely stopped and he was the happiest baby...mama was pretty happy too!! lol Hugs xox

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Barbie said...

What a sweet story:) How amazing a babies birth is!!! I had a crowd at my 1st birth too. Maybe not as big but I had 2 midwives in training, 2 nurses, a doctor, my mother in law, my sister and my hubby:) It did feel a bit odd at times but when baby wanted to come out I could care less if it was the mail man helping me:)I just wanted help!

At 3:56 PM, Blogger Susie said...

What a great baby story! The pictures were beautiful too. I love that Alan Jackson song so much because it reminds me of my hubby.

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. What a heartwarming story. The pictures are so sweet too. Wasn't it a different time back then> I think even then woman were stronger than we knew. Imagine you going through labor naturally, then having an audience witness this, then having hubby work so far away the first month. Thank God for friends. I remember Woolworths. By my house we would go get all kinds of things there. My mom loved this store.

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Magi said...

What a great story. I enjoyed reading it so much. Thank you for sharing it with us.

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

Little Feisty (my second granddaughter) had colic also. Neither of mine did. Kristen would bring her down, when she was out of her mind, and I'd walk her around the culdesac - the cool air seemed to calm her. It was nice for her that I'm only 3 doors away!

I'll have to share my first pregnancy sometime as well. Good idea.

We had a baby blue Pinto - for a very short time. The gear shift came right out of its holder one day as I was driving. Scary!!

At 1:02 AM, Blogger MugwumpMom said...

Great memory. Thoroughly enjoyed that! 8 hours of labour..not bad for the first. Great pictures too.

At 1:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was such a cute story, I enjoyed it. Thanks for visiting my blog, You made me feel so welcomed.

At 8:04 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

What a great blog post! I enjoyed reading your story of your first baby - and you don't look 9 months pg in that picture!


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