Just The Two of Us: Baby and The Home Field
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

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Had so much fun watching our little grandbaby Ben last night. In anticipation of being told the previous day that he had started crawling, well, I broke out the broom, the dustpan and the mop...oh, you noticed, no v a c c u u m.

Yes, two years ago, I had fina
lly had it with my dog Shivan, who is now 10 years old, and occasionally was having little "piddle" problems. To my dismay, even the most professional carpet cleaner would tell me that you just can't get down to the core of the problem where the stain settles. Well, if that didn't just spur me on. It wasn't soon after, I took a mini course in Floor Laying 101. Shortly after, I was beaming at having cut and laid the high gloss German pergo floor. Not to boast or anthing, lol, but it only took me a week to lay it in five rooms of our home. Professionals, later, installed tile in the main area's of the house where we spend most of our time...no more carpet. It was great! We were "piddle proof"!

Fast forward and yesturday, I realized "how is Ben going to manage to crawl on hard floors, poor little guy. Do they make baby football gear? hehe It's like being thrown in the game
with no padding.

Our dog Shivan and Ben are still in the "get accquainted" stage. Ben LOVES the dog, a brillant dimpled grin comes over his face everytime he see's Shivan. On the other hand, Shivan is not liking sharing his pla
ying field. I quickly realized, I had to run interference, as Ben (with that little clinched grip of his) has the strength of a pro football tackler when he gets ahold of Shivan's hair, maybe a future John Lynch or Ronde Barber. lol Can you tell we're Tampa Bay Buc fans?
I just want our future little Buc to be safe.
Oh , by the way did I mention that Ben's baby room is decorated in Buc's...so cute!

So, her
e we are, just the two of us cheering for the home team!


At 5:12 AM, Blogger Chrystal said...

I can think back and remember Shivan's confusion over other babies we brought over to the house. When the cousins would come over, shivan was curious, but careful to make sure that they were where they were supposed to be. I think their height made him wonder what they were all about. :)

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

We bought a house last summer and my husband did a lot of work to spruce it up. One of the things he did was rip out all the carpet and lay tile throughout the house (talk about back breaking work, but it looks great)!

We have 3 cats and we were tired of trying to get the carpet clean after their hairball and fur messes! Sweeping and mopping is so much better than srubbing and vaccuuming carpet! We do have a couple of area rugs in certain spots, so Snuggle Bug has some soft places to play on, but those are manageable.

Oh, and Ben will manage to crawl on hard floors just fine. It didnt' stop Snuggle Bug when he was crawling. I did try to at least keep him in pants around the house to protect his poor little knees. That seemed to help!


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