Just The Two of Us: Little Pleasures Are Lifes Blessings
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Monday, August 14, 2006

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It was simply a lovely day today. Got caught up on some little things around the house. Made Potato Salad, as well as, Mushroom Barley Soup, I will be sharing the recipe this Friday for those of you who have been asking for the recipe. I will be participating in the Five Ingredient Friday recipe exchange that is being hosted by Overwhelmed With Joy. It is such a refreshing idea because half the time recipes call for so many unique and strange ingredients that it is a challenge just finding them in the store. Let alone anytime you can make something that's a bit more simple and that doesn't cost and arm or a leg to make, is worth it's presence on my table. lol Last but not least, I made Quick cookies! They might qualify as having only five ingredents too.

Got some exciting news that our niece Carlee and her husband Roy out in California had their baby G I R L! We are so excited for them! Guess she had to have a C-section due to the baby being caught in her ribcage. It's no wonder, do you believe the baby weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces, and was, get this...22 1/2 inches long. I didn't even know they came in that size. lol All is well, the new Mommy, Daddy and baby Natashia, are doing fine. Our very best wishes go out to all of them. Guess this means I get to go s h o p p i n g! lol

Then, my son Kevin and my daughter-in-law Renee called with news to make my day...Little Ben started crawling today, 8 mo's old, and he's crawling. Wish you could hear me singing "It's a whole new world, (Ooh la la) a world of new and exciting things." They are trying to come up with names for the new baby that is due in February, and they wanted to know if I had any thoughts or ideas on the subject...that has got to be a trick question for a grandma. I felt like if I suggest, they will feel obligated to use it and yet the thrill of picking out a name...that is BIG. (trying to contain my composure) Never the less, I guess they are looking for something unusual and not so old fashion. I told them I kind of liked Aiden for a boy, and the said they were tossing around Arianna or Elissa if it's a girl, so then I told them Ariella. Life is such a blessing, so many little pleasures around every corner.

Our son Terrence, is a meat cutter at a local grocery store and he too was happy cause he is going to have overtime this week, his company asked if he could cover out at a new store they just built.

Then to my amazement, I actually got ahold of a "live person", my daughter Chrystal, and just hearing her giggle was like music to my ears. She and Dave have been married two months now and are doing great!

So now, here we are just the two of us and enjoying the pleasure, beauty and tranquility of a peaceful sunset.


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Overwhelmed! said...

Thanks for linking my Five Ingredient Friday recipe exchange. I sure appreciate your efforts to spread the word for me.

And thanks for participating today! :)


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